Me To We

With you, i can,
Dance among the stars,
Ramble on the thorns.
Only you can make me chipper,
You can make me bleak.
Wrapped in your love,
I am dazzling day after day,
It’s we who can blow all them away.
You are the sweetest lullaby of my life,
Which, I want to keep listening to every night.
The me to we chapter is the favourite one of my life,
’cause you stepped in it as my Ms right.
In scorching heat,
You’d be my scarf.
In the days of dismal,
I’ll boost you up.
I thank you enough to be with me,
To shower the rain of love on me.
Here i am,
Reminiscing the moments we had together and,
Burbling the me to we in an excited manner.


  1. Beautiful like you πŸ’—βœ‰βœ‰πŸ’—βœ‰βœ‰πŸ’—

    Liked by 1 person

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