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  • A Crying Kiss

    Living in a world full of Race,
    Just for a little longing of praise.
    Threading my shiney jewels,
    On the rope of your false hope.
    Crying all night long and still living for an afterglow,
    Then they tell me you’re not that brave.
    Home is no more an escape for me,
    I am in a maze and Every door opens another hell.
    What saved me was her crying kiss,
    The only thing which seems real to me.
    Who believed in me.

  • One Too Many

    You’re trapped in my head,
    I can’t get you out of it,
    Flashed yourself so much in my life,
    Now nothing more is visible than this.

    Poured my heart to you every time,
    And watched you using it against me.
    They say to reach roses you have to pass the thorns,
    Well I’ve climbed over barbed wires and even then came back empty hand.

    You were like one too many,
    And now I’m all muzzy in this hell.
    Moving on from everything but you.
    You kept me in your wish-cycle
    whereas i have always kept you in my wishlist.

    Putting my best foot forward,
    To move out from your remembrance .
    By leaving your footprints behind and,
    Finally walks towards resilience.

  • Heart like a kettle

    My heart was like the kettle,
    Serving you, the wholesome love.
    Which was warm and pure like the dove.
    What i thought that you’ll make me blossom,
    But, you’ve always proved yourself fearsome.

    I was never your perception,
    You always treated me as an backup option.
    You’re not what I’ve imagined you beforehand,
    I wonder why i chose to hold your hands.

    It was a mistake to show you the softest affections,
    Didn’t know that you will give an ephemeral reaction.
    You played with my kettle
    As a game of sport.
    Now, look that you made me what I’ve never ever thought.

    The kettle is broken now even the pieces are fragile,
    I’ve no words to express my pain whereas I’m a logophile.

    Now, the kettle you used to be warm and soft,
    Is now cold and bold.

    Glossary :
    Ephemeral – lasting for a very short time.
    Logophile – a lover of words. .

  • Your wish, my command

    Your wish, my command.
    Give me some love,
    And, take in your arms.

    I’ll be your naz,
    and, the only sewen.
    If you value my existence, please keep these heartstrings enchained.

    Your lover is craving for,
    The key of your heart.
    I’ll be the lighten lamp,
    In your room,
    Full of dark.

    Your heart is my sky,
    And, i promise to stay,
    Stay like a bird forever till i die.

    Hear the sociliting voice of my heart
    and, do me a favour
    Embrace your lover instead of those fake hearts. .

  • Me To We

    With you, i can,
    Dance among the stars,
    Ramble on the thorns.
    Only you can make me chipper,
    You can make me bleak.
    Wrapped in your love,
    I am dazzling day after day,
    It’s we who can blow all them away.
    You are the sweetest lullaby of my life,
    Which, I want to keep listening to every night.
    The me to we chapter is the favourite one of my life,
    ’cause you stepped in it as my Ms right.
    In scorching heat,
    You’d be my scarf.
    In the days of dismal,
    I’ll boost you up.
    I thank you enough to be with me,
    To shower the rain of love on me.
    Here i am,
    Reminiscing the moments we had together and,
    Burbling the me to we in an excited manner.

  • Broken window panes

    In an empty house but,
    Not alone,
    I live with my sadness,
    Looking like a clown.
    I feel broken but,
    I’m not the only one who’s broke,
    My window panes are my companion as well the pearls of my broken necklace scattered on the floor.
    I’ve tried to fix myself but,
    Failed to do it with your presence on my bones.

    My wounds are healing now and I’m watering my soul,
    Peace is not easy,
    It’s a privilege to be in hole and yet to feel whole.



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  1. kashneer says:

    The rhythm of your lines and spaces is great..❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rohit says:

    Broken but beautiful XD!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Vishal Upadhyay says:

        Beautiful ♥️♥️


  3. Abhay Kasana says:

    🎈🎈❤️🎈❤️🎈❤️🎈🎈❤️🎈❤️🎈❤️🎈❤️🎈🎈❤️🎈 beautiful

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